Brand Ethos

Dreamt up in 2019 amongst the sun’s dark orange hues and the soft sounds of the ocean tides along Mexico’s pacific coast. Drippin’ is an ode to those who crave beautiful, balmy summer afternoons where the sun is starting to dip low, and everything is covered in that warm golden glow. Those who dream of endless summers and the solitude of the ocean.

 Our pieces are made to highlight every dimple and curve as a stroke of art, fluid like the waves, you’ll find summer embedded in our every detail. We aim to inspire confidence in her femininity, as she walks out drippin’ in the cool clear tides of the ocean, her skin wrapped in our little pieces of fabric and string emanating true goddess energy.

 “No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced” – David Attenborough.

It is our aim to inspire those experiences – a mid-summer day drive down the coast, warm sandy shores, fresh coastal drinks, flirty chatter, and calm waves ready for deep dives off secluded cliffs.

 We are continually reflecting on our responsibility as a brand and always strive to look for ways to better ourselves as individuals and a brand. Our limited collections are purposefully designed in Australia and sustainably made by our artisans in Indonesia from recycled fabrics derived from post-consumer ocean waste, providing you with ethically sourced pieces of the highest quality and comfort.